My story “Pale Toes” is nominated for the prestigious Shirley Jackson Award in the novellette category. I got the news in the middle of the Midsummer celebrations so it still feels a bit unreal, but I’m slowly getting used to the idea. Past nominees and winners include people like Stephen King, Elizabeth Hand, Ramsey Campbell, Gemma Files and so on. Full list of nominees here.

“Pale Toes” was originally published in Finnish in the anthology Valkoiset varpaat (Haamu Publishing 2016). The English translation appeared in The Valancourt Book of World Horror vol. 1, eds. James D. Jenkins and Ryan Cagle (Valancourt Books 2020). It’s a great anthology so do get you copy right away! There’s also a graphic novel version of the “Pale Toes” by the Broci available here.

In case you’re a publisher, do get in touch with my agent for sample translations of my novel The Dark Architect and the children’s book Lucas Lark and the Haunted Hound of the Library: